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Thank you for visiting Azezo.org, the home of the Azezo Schools Alumni Association (ADSAA). We are delighted you are here. It is our hope that once you read the objectives and the activities of this association you will join us in our effort to assist the Azezo schools either by becoming a member or a partner or by sharing a very small portion of your material blessings. Any amount and kind of assistance to our students will never be too small. You can also help us by spreading the words, by linking our site, by fully or partially sponsoring a small project and in general by providing opportunities to attain our objectives. We extend our invitation to you to join us in this worthwhile effort of impacting the life, the struggle, and the future of several thousand students in a small town called Azezo.

ADSAA was founded in 2004 and was incorporated under the laws of the state of Florida. The tax exempt status under section 501 (c)(3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code was accorded in February 2005. ADSAA is a non profit, non political, non religious, non ethnic, organization established for charitable and developmental purposes. ADSAA is a nonsectarian organization that stands against discrimination of anyone based on creed, color, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation or political opinion.

The main objective of ADSAA is to mobilize resources to help a number of schools located in the small town of Azezo in the North Western region of Ethiopia. More than ten thousand students attend one high school, one junior, and five elementary schools. The schools infrastructures are in poor conditions. Most of the students came from families with poor income. Any kind of assistance in the form of books, magazines, used computers, stationeries, audiovisual items, classroom and laboratory equipments, sporting materials, any thing that would help create learning and recreation facilities and of course money donations are very much welcome.

ADSAA strives to accomplish its objectives through the following means

  1. Initiate, evaluate, and implement simple and uncomplicated projects with the schools, the alumni as well as with friends and partners of the alumni.
  2. Work very closely with the school directors, administrators and community leaders in project identification, implementation, evaluation and conclusion.
  3. Ensure that 100% of donations are used by the target beneficiaries.
  4. Operate in the utmost ethical, legal, transparent, and accountable standards.

Again we thank you for visiting our site, and we hope you will go through the remaining pages to share our visions and become a partner to our actions.


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