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Azezo Demaza Schools Alumni Association (ADSAA) is a nonprofit and charitable organization established in 2004 by former students of Azezo Schools who reside in the United States and Canada. Azezo Demaza Schools are located in the town of Azezo, Ethiopia. Details about the town of Azezo are included in Azezo Profile.

The founder of the association are aware that the Azezo Schools have inadequate resources to fulfill even the bare minimum material requirements of what normal schools would constitute. Most of the buildings are old, various learning and entertainment facilities are lacking, teaching and learning materials are in short supply, and school attendance has become difficult for lots of students simply because they can’t afford to cover such expenses like school uniforms, stationeries and registration fees. It is also clear that despite such obstacles, most of the students are highly motivated, have high level of enthusiasm for learning and their drive to have a bright future is impressive.

The founders of the association believed in establishing an organization that would attempt to respond to some of the pleas of our schools and the community. While past sporadic efforts to help the schools were commendable, all lacked continuity and needed a lot of time and energy to restart every time a need aroused from the schools or the community. Therefore the formation of ADSAA provides a convenient medium to make all goodwill efforts to be continuous activities and bear more fruits.

Thus ADSAA was established to fulfill the following objectives:

  1. Organize all alumni members, friends and partners to commit themselves to help mobilize resources in helping the Azezo Demaza schools .
  2. Seek partnerships with national and international groups including government and non government organizations, charitable associations, foundations, religious organizations, schools, good-will angels and philanthropists and coordinate activities that would help achieve ADSAA objectives of helping the Azezo Demaza schools.
  3. Serve as a medium of information exchange among Azezo schools, alumni, friends, partners and the general public to provide detailed account about the conditions of the schools, projects and milestones.
  4. Maintain the identity and heritage of its members, and foster strong relationship among alumni, friends and partners by promoting participation in educational, economic, cultural and social activities that would benefit all the parties involved.

All former students of the Azezo Demaza Schools are ADSAA members. Membership is also open to alumni friends, relatives, supporters and partners.